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Introducing Carebind

Carebind is the world’s most affordable and most complete care management system. It enables care operators to better manage and distribute their care service to their clients, whilst allowing the carers to communicate vital information to one another in the simplest form possible. Carers and care companies have one of the most difficult jobs, however when it comes to incorporating technology they have, in most cases, lagged behind other industries. The time for change is now, now technology is the most powerful tool in any arsenal.
Make your business flourish with Carebind!

Easily Manage Clients

When care is your business, caring for your clients is by far your most important task. Doing this appropriately and efficiently is the best way for you to retain and increase your client base. Carebind will actively store and monitor all of your clients for you in a secure database, which carers can then be given access to so they have tools to care to the highest possible standards, every time.

Using the power of the Cloud, any updates that are made to a client’s care plan will be instantly updated across the board, so that every carer has the required information for their entrusted client before they even set a foot in the door.

The All in One Package

Why spread your work load? With Carebind you can manage everything in a single place, from Rota Management to Timesheets and Invoicing, Carebind offers the Complete Care Management System. When we were building Carebind we wanted to, above all else, Help Care Companies to Care Better and the best way to do this is to slim line what they have to do inside the business.

At no point have we removed any task from the industry, in fact we have added a few more. Carebind simply makes it easier to manage all of these tasks inside a single dashboard, removing the time wasting from Paper Platforms, or Separate Existing digital platforms.

The Time Sheet

Quickly fill out your hours with Carebind’s interactive Time Sheeting System which will automatically clock your Hours and Miles Travelled whilst allowing for additional over time hours to be added easily. This gives carers the flexibility they need whilst allowing the managers to view the information they need for the pay roll.

Add, Remove, Change Hours as you need. Using the Power of the Cloud this can be done from anywhere on either your Desktop Computer or your Smart Phone. Carebind makes managing your Worked Hours and Your Pay easier than it’s ever been before.

Easy Rota Management

Effectively manage where your staff need to be and when with Carebind’s all in one Rota Management that incorporates Google Maps API so both you and the software know how long it takes and how far it is in between visits. Auto-popular rotas, do it manually or copy last weeks, there are tons of options with Carebind’s Easy Rota Management System.

Make it impossible to ever under estimate the time it takes to travel between visits with up to date maps and traffic reports updated by Google Maps, the Cloud and Mobile GPS.