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Introducing Carebind

Carebind is the world’s most affordable and most complete care management system. It enables care operators to better manage and distribute their care service to their clients, whilst allowing the carers to communicate vital information to one another in the simplest form possible. Carers and care companies have one of the most difficult jobs, however when it comes to incorporating technology they have, in most cases, lagged behind other industries. The time for change is now, now technology is the most powerful tool in any arsenal.
Make your business flourish with Carebind! Domiciliary Care Software never looked so good

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Care Management Software for Free

Quality care is as important to us as it is to those that receive the care and we want everyone to be able to experience the benefits of Carebind no matter how big or small your home care business is. We know that a number of users would instantly be put off by a price tag, especially the size of which some are charging but as with everything we want to do things a little differently. We are doing away with free trials and instead making the software free to use, so if you’re a small enough organisation you can use Carebind for nothing.

Good for your Clients

  • Clients know they are in safe hands
  • Important information about them accessible on the fly
  • Missed appointments flagged and designated to new carer
  • Only those that need to know, have access to information

Good for your Carers

  • Manage their rota, including any changes, anywhere
  • View notifications, flags and messages from other carers
  • Easy to use, completely mobile responsive in design
  • Wage and mileage totalling completed within seconds

Good for your business

  • Making your carers job easier every single day
  • Have more time gaining new clients
  • Keep up to date with carers using a single dashboard
  • An all in one package, centring your work load

Easy to access, everywhere

  • Built using the latest technology
  • New features, updates, available instantly
  • Designed with ease of use in mind
  • Completely secure and cutting edge

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Giving back to the wider community

We know that many Domiciliary Care Companies are not for profit, their staff work just as hard to provide the same high quality care as those from a private organisation. So to say a little thank you, we would like to offer you Carebind Premium, Completely Free for Life. Take advantage of all of the power and features of Carebind and ensure that your care is provided long into the future.

Along with Carebind Premium being free for Non Profitable Organisations, we will be offering it at a reduced rate to start-up companies, who we know can find it difficult to manage their first clients and growing staff roster. Over the coming years Domiciliary Care is going to grow and there will be many New Companies formed to support that demand, enjoy a little help in hand from us - Because we Care about Quality Care! After all, everyone was a start-up once.

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Thank you for your interest in Carebind - Care Management Software by Hadlow Studios