About Carebind

Carebind was set up becuase of a problem

Ineffective, outdated care systems that were not only costing companies out in the field, but also in their pockets. But it wasn’t just the systems that were out of touch, the companies behind them were as well, they were unaccepting that their systems had any faults. Mainly because they had been in place for so long, why change them right?

Wrong not only do the people using them change, but so do the technologies that are around to support them. By being unable to innovate these systems had become slow in a world where we want everything instantly and were wasting not just a care companies time, but also their money.

We Aim to put that right; our system has been built from the ground up with the extensive input of Domiciliary Care Providers. It uses the newest technologies and when newer ones become available, measures have been taken to ensure we can move to those as well.

Our whole company is about providing you with the tools you need to be as efficient as possible so you can focus on the most important thing, providing quality care across the board to everyone. If we know that we have saved you perhaps just 15 minutes a day we would have been happy, but we knew we could do better.

How long do you currently spend rostering your staff for the week ahead?

We think too long

How long do you spend calculating mileage and payroll for staff?

We know that takes too long

And these are just a small number of the problems we have looked at. But we aren’t about cutting corners! We are about simplifying the time consuming and automating as much as possible.

Early users of Carebind Products have come back to us and said “We cannot believe we survived for so long using the old systems, when it could be as easy as this”. Which for the whole team here, is exactly what we want to hear and we would like to think we can provide the same feeling to you.

Become Part of Something Bigger

Carebind Limited isn’t just after “customers” we want to build a community of Care Providers who are interested in the same values as we are. We call them our Partners and from them we get ideas and inspiration as to what our next features will be/what we could change of the current ones to make them that little bit better.

Although a start-up company, we would like to have care conferences each year, where all of our Partners can sit together, discuss what’s going on around them whilst being thanked for their support to Carebind. But that’s in the distant future, for now we can only offer Partners our thanks and money off our current products.

For most however, it’s the ability to move the care industry forward that really drives them!

Believe your one of those people? Get in touch, whether you’re a Small Start-up yourself or a Multi Branch Company, all are welcome. Use our Contact Page to get in touch

Our Mission Statement

Carebind Limited’s Domiciliary Care Software is just the start of our long standing mission to Improve Lives Through Technology. We may still be a young company, but we have visions of continuing our work long into the future, with impressive systems incorporating both technology available now and that which will come about in the future.

Eventually we want Carebind to be a part of every aspect of care, weather that’s elderly, adult to children services. We strongly believe our innovations can seriously improve the lives of those up and down the country.

Our job will not be complete until we are meeting our mission on a daily basis.

Thank you for your interest in Carebind - Care Management Software by Hadlow Studios