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Client Management

Domiciliary Care Client Management

Wasting time trawling through client information? With Carebind's domiciliary care software have the details of all of your clients at your fingertips. Plus, thanks to clever searching tools, find the information most relevant to your search in a matter of seconds.

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Automatic Mileage

Domiciliary Care Mileage Calculations

If you find yourself spending ages calculating the mileage of staff members, then have we got the solution for you. Our software automatically tallies the mileage between visits, giving an accurate starting point over a set time period.

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Client Templating

Domiciliary Care Client Templating

Stop entering client visits every time you have to create a rota, be that daily, weekly or monthly. Instead our home care software gives you the ability to add once, and have forever, let's face it, we are all a little lazy at heart. Templates show up in real time on the rota

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Advanced Rota

Domiciliary Care Advanced Rostering

Find it confusing or time consuming filling out rotas for your Domiciliary Care Service? Get some time back with our Advanced Rota System. Using all the information at its disposal, Carebind is able to add templated events, recommend the best staff for the job and spot time conflicts automatically.

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Staff Management in One

Domiciliary Care Staff Management

There truly is nothing more annoying than having to trawl through another system to see when staff are or aren't available! With Carebind we remove that problem, simply enter the holiday dates, and allow the domiciliary care system to do the rest. It will check which staff are available before recommending them for a visit

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CQC Compliant Care Plans

Domiciliary Care CQC Compliant Care Plans

For both new and existing Domiciliary Care Providers, we want Carebind to make your lives that little bit easier. That's why we have included CQC Compliant care plans, fill them out, print out blank ones, whatever you want to do with them Carebind makes it easy.

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